We want to provide a place for all kinds of moms to come together to encourage one another through the gospel and help each other grow in Christ while enjoying Christian fellowship so...

  • If you are currently pregnant
  • if you have been trying to have a baby and still have not conceived
  • if you have conceived and carried your baby to heaven
  • if you have chosen to adopt or foster
  • if you have not conceived but are a mother figure in someone's life
  • if you have conceived and granted the opportunity for someone else to parent
  • if you have conceived and chose to parent
...you are welcome to come



I have been truly blessed to have two beautiful kids with my husband of 12 years. When I first found out I was pregnant I was terrified to be called mom because I understood what an important role motherhood was and I didnt want to screw it up.I was lucky enough to have the help of some great christian women who came alongside me and led me deeper into the Gospel. I was able to grow deeper in gods word and be the mom that God has called me to be.My AIM is that i can help provide the same encouragement during those hard momma moments and walk alongside you in your motherhood journey.


I am a mom who had an unexpected pregnancy with a man I hadn't known for very long. I am now married to that man and have two amazing boys. God saved me through my husband and my children know walk in the love of God.


I'm just a sinner saved by grace; therefore, I am a bondservant of the Lord Most High. Jesus saved me from the mess I had created and gave me a wonderful family. My husband and I have three beautiful children on earth and two in Heaven (despite being told repeatedly that I wouldn't be able to have children). I believe that God never wastes our pain but makes something beautiful out of ashes.


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